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Recent publications (open access)
  • Bajracharya et al. 2015. Ultrasound-Assisted of the Airway in Clincal Anesthesia Practice: Past, Present and Future.
  • Cata et al. 2016. Preoperative anemia, blood transfusion, and neutrophil-to- lymphocyte ratio in patients with stage I non-small cell lung cancer.
  • Cata et al. 2016. Opioids and cancer recurrence: a brief review of the literature.
  • Cata et al. 2015. Potential Use of Natural Killer Cell Transfer Therapy in the Perioperative Period to Improve Oncologic Outcomes. Review Article.
  • Choi et al. 2015. Perioperative neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio and postoperative NSAID use as predictors of survival after lung cancer surgery: a retrospective study.
  • Cata et al. 2014. A retrospective analysis of the effect of intraoperative opioid dose on cancer recurrence after non-small cell lung cancer resection.
  • Ramirez et al. 2013. Perioperative Clinical Interventions That Modify the Immune Response in Cancer Patients.
  • Cata JP and Gottumukkala V. 2012. Blood Loss and Massive Transfusion in Patients Undergoing Major Oncological Surgery: What Do We Know?  
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